Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.

Immanuel Kant


When you complain, nobody wants to help you. If you spend your time focusing on the things that are wrong, and that’s what you express and project to people you know, you don’t become a source of growth for people, you become a source of destruction for people.

Stephen Hawking


I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough.

Richard Feynman


You should constantly, perpetually be thinking about how to reinvent yourself.

Phil Libin


The minutiae fit around the big things, but the big things don’t fit around the minutiae.



We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

Kurt Vonnegut