On method

If you try to approach every problem with your moral compass, first and foremost, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. You’re going to exclude a lot of possible good solutions. You’re going to assume you know a lot of things, when in fact you don’t, and you’re not going to be a good partner in reaching a solution with other people who don’t happen to see the world the way you do. Steven J. Dubner

I wanted to go on offense. I wanted to have the time to focus, to learn the things I wanted to learn, to build what I wanted to build, and to really invest in relationships that I wanted to grow, rather than just doing a day of coffee after coffee after coffee. Chris Sacca

When dealmaking, ask yourself: Can I trade a short-term, incremental gain for a potential longer-term, game-changing upside? Is there an element here that might be far more valuable in 5 to 10 years? Might there be rights or options I can explicitly “carve out” and keep? If you can cap the downside (time, capital, ecc.) and have the confidence, take uncrowded bets on yourself. You only need one winning lottery ticket. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lack of times is lack of priorities. If I’m “busy”, it is because I’ve made choices that put me in that position, so I’ve forbidden myself to reply to “How are you?” with “Busy”. I have no right to complain. Instead, if I’m too busy, it’s a cue to reexamine my systems and rules. Derek Sivers

There needs to be one decisive reason, and then the worthiness of the trip needs to be measured against that one reason. If I go, then we can backfill into the schedule all the other secondary activities. But if I go for a blended reason, I’ll almost surely come back and feel like it was a waste of time. Reid Hoffman

The big problem with competition is that it focuses us on the people around us, and while we get better at the things we’re competing on, we lose sight of anything that’s important, or transcendent, or truly meaningful in our world. Peter Thiel